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The mission

Navigation app that can access the users' schedule, extract all his / her meetings and turn every meeting into a possible ride. The required screen is the main home page of a logged in user.

My mission was to characterize and design the app's home screen.

The process

The first step was to understand the process and the goals.

Then I started looking for information and inspirations of similar interfaces
Which helped me reach a solution.

After collecting information, ideas, and conclusions, I began to think about how the screen would be built and was easy to use.

Next, I started to design the interface and create a wireframe.
I wanted to face the challenge of building the interface and then with the design challenge.

Concept and graphic language

One of the things I was required to do on the mission was to create a fun and suitable interface for a young audience.

I chose to create an intelligent and clean design, with a color palette that creates a pleasant harmony to the eye.

I chose to combine illustrations that make the interface more friendly and fun.

I chose a font called PROXIMA that view the information clear and easy to read.

The color palette is selected according to the main color given in the task, I wanted to create a combination of colors in order to have a pleasant feeling for the user.


I chose to define in the interface that each call for action will be with the main color, in order to give the user a clear understanding of the interface operations.

Interface structure

The objects I used to build the interface are:

Tabs - create a division between regular rides to meetings rides.

Cards - view the main information of each trip with the option to click and get more detailed information.

List - The tabs will be displayed in the list according to the time each trip should take.


Icones -To give the user more understanding, I used icons on the map to display locations and planning meetings.

For example, I choose to show icon on the map that shows pictures of the members of the meeting, It helps the user to quickly understand what a meeting is about.


I enjoyed doing the mission.
I very love to design Interfaces for a young audience.

Navigation applications are very popular today and the designs are becoming more and more interesting.
I hope the designs will suit your taste.

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