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Here is my story about Homismart


bringing the smart back home



now available in 27 countries

The way we live is ever changing, requiring our home environment to keep up, with our new ways and behaviors. At HomiSmart, together with an exceptional group of smart dreamers, we were daring to think again about our daily life most basic customs and behaviors. Mission was to come up with the best way to control the modern home.

My Role


Analyzing prior interfaces and solutions to be able to start where they left off.



Creating the brand language to describe the product; providing graphical solutions on the fly for the various interfaces and platforms.


Working with the dev team, through the use of productivity platforms, to allow for high response times approving, commenting and providing screens and elements.

Keeping up to our partners constrains, was introducing prioritization challenges, facing deadlines and milestones as we go along the steps.


Defining the interface together with the dev team, creating a common ground to make development an integral part of the product journey.


Making user inputs and stats into action items, deciding were we go from here, planning our future versions.


Let me take you step by step through the main design steps we took and expain what we're going through in each step.

I start most of my UX journeies with wireframes. This initial stage, where we decide about the overall process and functionalility, is critial. Although wireframes are simple, it is never easy to formulate and agree upon the representation of the service as a bunch of cards, texts, buttons and links...


New ideas will come up, other ideas will become
We search the net, as well as interview typical user types. 

Before characterizing anything, here we first explore the user most urgent needs, common beliefs and values. when thinking about smart homes. obsolete. Most important is to come very hamble, open to new ideas, and ready to learn and forget at the same time.


The challange is about doing new things, yet in a familiar fashion, and at the same time excite and inspire our users! Key is to think differently, intouitively, and respectfully.

User Characterization

Ben Smith

Age 25

Very natural with technologiy, learn new interfaces by explorre and discover. Works in tech. Likes to try out new services and apps.

Smarthome app may perfectly fit to any given home, however does it fit to any given user? Families vary in their technological orientation, moreover, in most cases the age barrier makes this a mix. 

Going through a Persona-based Analysis, we were able to make decisions along the way, by referring to the familty we have created. Meet the Smith's:

Managing a smarthome requires a super-orginaized interface. Although user can drill down a few levels deep, the interface stays clean, and easy to get around. Key was to allow the user as much control as possible at any stage, without overwhelming the user with many details. We have decided to orginize it in 3 main categories:

Main Interface

Neatly Smith

Age 18

Active in varius social networks, mostly connected from her mobile. Takes pride in her very active Instagram page.

Kelly Smith

Age 50

Not intrusiastic about technology, and that's an under-statement.. Only recently have opened a Facebook account,

Michal Smith

Age 52

Tech savy, an early adaptor, buys every other gadget that hits the market, Likes most to shop at eBay.


Adding and editing and drill down to dictinct areas and rooms.


Ability to measure and view electricity consumption by various parameters. Drill down to other metrics as well.


Summarizes the house situation of the house in one glace.


Roboto regular 40px

Roboto regular 35px

Roboto regular 25px

Roboto medium 40px

Roboto medium 35px

Roboto medium 25px

Home Consumption

For providing electricity consumption data, I have designed an interface that showcase relevant summarizes in grahic intuitive way. User can customize the screens to show specific information, across time and home area.

Appliane Control

Depending on the kind of appliance connected, the interface changes to reflect the way the appliance works. Each custom control comes with it ouwn gauges, large buttons and other appliance speicifcs. This way we have achieved both unification and diversification in the UI.

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